looking for some cards

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looking for some cards

Post by wouterkuyper »

Hey guys,

After my first live cardgame in 15 years i have some ideas again for new decks. For this i need quite a few cards.
I can buy them, but you can also ask for trades,...

12 illegalism,
4 dust up,
4 adhocracy
Garibaldi Meucci x2
1x Danielle diron adv.
1x jeremy McNeal adv.
2 x Icarus, The Manchurian (G4)
10x inside dirt (!!)
1x Erebus
4x vengeful spirits
Enkil Cog x2
revolutionary council x5
The Horde x5
Cry wolf x2
Grey thorn
Crypts sons
Kaymakli fragment x2
Scourge of enochians
Red question x2

And ofcourse the new cards are welcome too, if you want to part with those :-)
Creeping sabotage x2
Vivian VI
Elisha Tucker
4x Fidai
1x unnamed
1x saulot
Ian Forestal x2
platinum protocol x5
bait and switch x5
organized resistance x4
Line brawl x6

Fm the Netherlands, btw

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Re: looking for some cards

Post by Rudolf »

PM sent.
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